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Fame over Philosophy

December 7, 2011

An interesting email I was recently included on between my brother Michael and his friend Evan in response to a conversation he and I had the previous night.

I suggested it was time for him to dip into The Beat Generation.

This country is a mess, but it’s still a beautiful mess.

Note: It’s not just about compassion I’m worried we’re losing, it’s also the lack of desire to constantly educate oneself.

See Below:

HAHAHAHA sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Ya know Newt and Romney both could be viable candidates – in that they are politically savy with credentials – but the Rep party (and voters I’d venture) won’t get past their personal baggage. Romney is a New England, Elitist Morman. Newt is a homewrecking, jewelry splurging fat man.

I suppose I’m glad it sinks them, and it does reflect some character weaknesses – but I would prefer that foreign policy chops (like knowing China is nuclear and what our involvement in Libya was) be a more prime determinate of qualification. Danielle and I were having a talk on Saturday night that you would have enjoyed. She was lamenting the state of American culture that the general public doesn’t key-in to deeper issues and is mostly addicted to surface fluff and destructive BS. “People are more concerned with themselves and the Kardashians than with the well being of their neighbors!” was Danielle’s cry. “Fame over philosophy Danielle – we worship our idiots.” was my reply. My final thought was that corporations won the culture war that fired its first salvo in the 1960s. I think the 1980s held their victory (and we could see it in the exuberance of our culture at that time and the aghast reflection of artists to the mainstream corporate america – see American Psycho). The 1990s held the high water mark for American corporations and they marched it on through the 2000s – the government placating us with easy credit while the corporations gobbled up worker productivity and shared their ballooning profits with no one (shareholders and their own 0.1%). Those were the zombie days – we were all dead and we didn’t even know it. Now what… we’re all pissed at whats gone down but its just that – down and in the books. There’s no taking it back. And they’re so entrenched – their castles walls so high built right before our eyes but just beyond the 80″ LCD rocking MTV. Fame over Philosophy my friend. Valuation over Values.

Its not a joke anymore and we’re all fucked and you better get yours and keep your head low lest you fall out of favor and end up on the other end of the line. We can have our little piece down here but there’s steak on the table and we’ll all beg for a bite.

I’m reading “On the Road” – I might take off soon.

-Michael “Still Working for a Billion Dollar Real Estate Fund” DeFoe


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  1. January 9, 2012 3:00 am

    Cream! Get the money! DOLLAH DOLLAH bill y’all…. nice post

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